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Wargaming, a leading online game developer, found themselves in search of a new UK headquarters that would not only serve as a functional workspace but also act as a magnet for top talent. They desired an office space that would authentically reflect their corporate image and spark creativity among their employees. In a truly fortuitous turn of events, we found ourselves in a unique position to guide the client in selecting the ideal office building, placing design considerations at the forefront of this pivotal decision.

From the very inception of this project, design took center stage in shaping the new office space. Collaboratively, we embarked on a journey to craft an office environment that would stand out as truly exceptional and unparalleled.

Conventional office design norms were challenged and rewritten. Graffiti adorned the walls, neon lights danced with vibrant energy, and camo nets unfurled across the space. These elements, while unconventional in the corporate world, were precisely what set this project apart. In the context of a new office for an award-winning game developer like Wargaming, the pursuit of the “normal” was a distant consideration.

This was not merely an office space; it was a canvas for creativity, a testament to Wargaming’s innovative spirit, and a vibrant hub where imagination and innovation converged to define the future of their work culture.

Project completed during tenure at Thirdway Interiors.