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We are nearing the end of 2022 and change is likely on the menu for your New Year. Whether you are looking to exercise more, learn a new skill, read more, or maybe something more personal, one thing all these resolutions have in common is that they all start at home. Waking up in the right environment with the right mindset is fundamental in making change happen. We have 5 great little tips for you to give your home a New Year refresh, without going full Mari Kondo or adding labels to everything.

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This year, resolve to start the day right but giving your bedroom a refresh. It’s the last place you see before you fall asleep and the first place you see when you wake up, making it the most important space in your house.

New bedding, a nice new rug and some soft furnishings can go a long way in giving you bedroom a fresh lease on life. If you’re feeling bold start from an upholstered headboard and style out from there. Remember materials encouraging peace and rest are the primary focus here, so think soft surfaces, deep cushions, and plush bedding.

Lighting is also fundamental in making the perfect bedroom, so consider soft, warm low, level lighting to create a cosy and inviting mood.

Check out this lamp and rug to get your inspiration flowing.


Leaving the house on the way to undertake your 4th dry week in January can be gruelling. But a well thought out coat and mud room can put you in the right frame of mind to start your day. Functionality is top priority here but that doesn’t mean the space can’t be beautiful. Think about places to store your shoes, jackets, umbrellas, hats, and gloves, and then choose a beautiful calming relaxing colour to bridge the gap between the hustle and bustle outside and your own little paradise at home. Set up simple systems (a basket, a shoe bench, hooks) for tidying, add art or flowers to add personality and invest in a mirror and a colourful runner rug for the perfect welcome. 

Check our these baskets to get you started.


Reinvigorating your bookshelves can act as an added motivation to finally keep true to that long recurring New Year’s resolution of reading more. Consider organising your books by colour. This is an excellent way to make them a statement piece and add a pop of colour to your room. But remember, don’t let your books take over the shelves. Think about styling them with ceramics, photos and glass vases to break monotony and add character. For example, you could have a fantasy bookshelf corner (think Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings), accented with decorative references like Deathly Hallows book ends.


Add some life and personality to your home with a new green addition to the family. A new green pal is a great way of bringing a little excitement to your home. Not to mention the countless benefits that plants can provide. One of my personal favourites is the snake plant. Not only does it look super cool and dynamic, but they are extremely efficient in producing oxygen and removing toxins from the air.


The new year is always a great time to think about elevating your home office space. Start by making your office a wire free zone. A great way to do this is by getting a monitor stand to hide away all your cables and neatly stow away items that cause clutter. A second tip is to get some targeted task lighting and adding soft ambient lighting in the background to avoid those tension headaches. Finally adding earthy tones and investing in an ergonomic chair will most certainly make your space look and feel more expensive.

As a bonus, if you’re looking to sell this year having a clearly defined office environment will add value to your home

Check out this monitor stand and classic ergonomic task chair for some inspo

Hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you to take the leap into the new year with an exciting new project. If you don’t know where to start, we can help! Get in touch here:

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